Red City Necklace


Miniature art painting is set in silver, it creates unique, art composition. Landscape is painted by hand and transfered on metal - aluminium. Usage of new technology allows to keep unique painting permanent and waterproof. Road disc is not flat, but concave, it is a clever trick that makes optical illusion, it looks three dimensional and create innovative, unexpected look. The pendant tells a story about a strong relation between city and nature. The 2D drawings changes into 3D pieces, so the customer can wear a piece of sculpture, a small piece of art. All the details carved by hand and cast in silver. Hallmarked pendant is on a short silver snake chain 50 cm lenght. Please let me know If you would like on a different, shorter one.
This item can be sold as a brooch as well, please send me a message if you would like to order it.
Dimensions:  H 3cm x W 3cm

All items come in a gift box... perfect for gift giving and storage.