Blue Enamelled Silver Lace Ring


Handmade piece of jewellery. Large Blue earrings are very easy to wear everyday and also are perfect for special occasions. They are one off, it's impossible to repeat the same colour effect. Made using traditional jewellery technique - glass enamel. Enamel has been applied on silver as a powder and fired in a kiln is a very high temperature. The result is stunning: a play of colours, shades of blue from navy blue to sky blue. This unique piece looks like it would be found at the bottom of the ocean, a part of a coral reef worn by water. Enamel is all around the pieces, so the back is as beautiful as the front. Earrings are big, but due to open work they are not heavy and very comfortable to wear.
Dimensions: H 50 mm x W 27 mm.
All items come in a gift box... perfect for gift giving and storage.