Bark tree moths - Ceramic necklace


Two black moths are seating on a bark tree Necklace.
Unique sculptural ceramic art jewelry. Handmade one off necklace, art nouveau style. Shapes of moths are carefully cut out from silver sheet, form and oxidised to get a black colour, afterwards they are put together with handmade ceramic shape in shades of brown. Light necklace is easy to wear. It is a part of the display box that represents the inspiration for this design. When you are not wearing the necklace you can keep it on display or hang a picture on a wall.
Dimensions: H 23 mm x W 55 mm.
Chain lenght is 50cm , let me know if you prefer a shorter or loger one.
Chain has a magnetic clasp, which is very secure and easy to put on of off.

All items come in a gift box... perfect for gift giving and storage.